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adopted son of Korin.


Despite having a habit of landing in troublesome situations, Barran is an eternal optimist. His birth is a mystery, as Korin discovered him as a young child lost in the Frightened Forest with no memory of who he was or who his parents were.

During a trek to Galidon, Korin and Barran became separated. After Barran unknowingly stole some food from a Galidonian supply wagon, he was thrown into the pit and Korin could not reach him. It is here he met Drake and the rest of the crew. Korin managed to find Barran in the Frightened Forest, and shortly after offered his help to Chief Thorson on his mission.


After Vyldain was defeated, Queen Slohen offered him a comfortable living working at an orphanage within Galidon. He visited Gerald and Jenny many times before he passed of old age, and became like an uncle to their sons.

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